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Mount Campanario is in which country?
What is the largest city on the island of Hokkaido?
What is the largest province in Russia?
The Tatra mountains form a natural border between which two countries?
Lake Victoria spans which countries?
What's the name of the largest of the Shetland Islands?
Hodh el Garbi is a distict of which country?
Name the largest lake in Kyrgyzstan
Name the second largest city in Siberia
Kurt Cobain hails from which place in Washington?
What is main street in Toronto called?
What is the name of the pass between Afghanistan and Pakistan?
What is the highest point in Slovenia?
Which country was known as the land of Punt by the Ancient Egyptians?
Which country formerly known as the British Protectorate of Basutoland is the only country in the world where all the land is over 1000m?
In which state is the resort of Stowe?
Sammamish is a suburb of which U.S. city?
Which Insterstate do you use in travelling from Boston to Manchester, NH?
What is the highest peak in Colorado?
Name Kiribati's most southern island
In order, what are the 3 largest cities by population on the island of Sumatra?
Which country occupies the Paracel Islands?
Name the autonomous region of Moldova
How many of the Hawaiian islands have peaks above 3000m?
Which country's flag contains a parrot?
In which country is the Indian-Pacific railroad
What is the former capital of Kazakhstan?
Who owns the 9 islands of Svalbard?
If you travelled from Switzerland to Vietnam by land, what is the minimum number of countries you must pass through?
In which South African province is Pietermaritzburg?

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