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How many pounds of pasta does an Italian eat if he is on a diet?C'mon guys, he's on a diet.
Write the first 5 terms when the first term is 3 and the ratio is 3.4.
Find the magnitude and direction angle when v=-2i+5jmagnitude, direction angle
Write the standard form of a parabola : y^2 + 3x + 6y = 0
Simplify: 17!/22!
Where and when was the first Macintosh publicly demonstrated?State, Month year
What do Asians eat rice with?
FInd the 19th partial sum of the sequence: 1, 4, 7, 10
Who is the richest man on Earth as on May 25, 2010.
Evaluate e^4.2
Solve 3^(2x)=80
Find the time it will take to double your $3000 investment compounding continuously at a 8.5% interest rate.A=Pe^(rt)
What is the female equivalent of the Vas Deferens?
Find the 82nd partial sum of the arithmetic sequence: 1, -.2, -.6, -1.4
You have $1500 in your bank account. Given a 7% interest rate, compound monthly, and with no further additional, how much money will the account have in 3 years.

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