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Can you name the movies with place names in their title?

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Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Alec Guiness1962
Guy Pearce, Russell Crowe, Kim Basinger1997
Robert De Niro, James Woods, Elizabeth Mcgovern1984
Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Charlton Heston1993
Don Cheadle, Nick Nolte, Sophie Okonedo2004
James Stewart, Jean Arthur1939
Jonathan Pryce, Michael Palin, Robert De Niro1985
Sean Connery, Lotte Lenya, Robert Shaw1963
Colin Farrell, Brenan Gleeson, Clemence Poesey2008
Ken Watanabe, Kazunari Ninomiya2006
Woody Allen, Diane Keaton1979
Humphrey Bogart, Tim Holt, Walter Huston1948
Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp, Eva Mendes2003
Burt Lancaster, Thelma Ritter1962
William Holden, Gloria Swanson1950
Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway, John Huston1974
Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Rhys Ifans1999
William Holden, Alec Guiness, Sessue Hayakawa1957
Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Ben Foster2007
Leonardo Di Caprio, Daniel Day Lewis, Cameron Diaz2002

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