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Given a Van Halen lyric, can you determine whether it was sung by (D)avid Lee Roth or (S)ammy Hagar?

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I got the tools. I'll satisfy ya
'I brought my pencil' 'Gimme something to write on, man'
She knows what love is for
I feel her from across the room
You break my balls with all your crap
All I've got I had to steal
Baby this blows 'em all away
Slip n' slide, push it in
Cause something reached out and touched me
Gimme some of that
You know you're semi-good lookin'
We're gonna feel this thing together
I ain't the worst that you've seen.
Such good photography !
See now all my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy
Ohh there she stands in a silken gown
I just wanna sink my teeth in that fine piece of real estate
Ah, you reach down, between my legs, ease the seat back.
Baby just spread your wings
I got a drink in my hand; I got my toes in the sand.
Gonna make her feel nice
You'll get some leg tonight for sure!
Turn this thing around
Have you seen Junior's grades?

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