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Given 2 choices, can you pick the Super Bowl referee? (Answer A or B)

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HintRefereeFun Fact
Super Bowls I, V, X: A) Al Hirt or B) Norm Schachter
Super Bowl II: A) Ray Scott or B) Jack Vest
Super Bowls III, VII: A) Tom Bell or B) Frank Borman
Super Bowl IV: A) John McDonough or B) George Toma
Super Bowls VI, XI, XII: A) John Niland or B) Jim Tunney
Super Bowls VIII, XV: A) Ben Dreith or B) William Rice
Super Bowl IX: A) Roy Gerela or B) Bernie Ullman
Super Bowls XIII, XVI, XIX: A) Pat Haggarty or B) Hugh McElhenny
Super Bowl XIV: A) Alex Paen or B) Fred Silva
Super Bowls XVII, XXI, XXVI, XXIX: A) Ed Garvey or B) Jerry Markbriet
Super Bowl XVIII: A) Gene Barth or B) John Facenda
Super Bowls XX, XXX: A) Red Cashion or B) Richard Meyer
Super Bowls XXII, XXVIII, XXXIV: A) David Jensen or B) Bob McElwee
Super Bowls XXIII, XXV: A) Art McNally or B) Jerry Seeman
Super Bowl XXIV: A) David Dixon or B) Dick Jorgensen
Super Bowl XXVII: A) Dick Hantak or B) Art Mobley
HintRefereeFun Fact
Super Bowls XXXI, XXXV: A) Gerald Austin or B) David Hill
Super Bowls XXXII, XXXVIII: A) Ed Hochuli or B) Mark Roberts
Super Bowls XXXIII, XXXVI: A) James Kauten or B) Bernie Kukar
Super Bowl XXXVII: A) Bill Carollo or B) Terry Tate
Super Bowls XXXIX, XLIII, XLVIII: A) Terry McAulay or B) Lawrence McCauley
Super Bowl XL: A) Greg Aiello or B) Bill Leavy
Super Bowl XLI: A) Tony Corrente or B) John Moran
Super Bowl XLII: A) Mike Carey or B) Peter Eisenman
Super Bowl XLIV: A) Scott Green or B) Gregg Williams
Super Bowl XLV: A) Walt Anderson or B) Saul Hudson
Super Bowl XLVI: A) Greg Ballard or B) John Parry
Super Bowl XLVII: A) Jerome Boger or B) Charles Rice
Super Bowl XLIX: A) Jim McNally or B) Bill Vinovich
Super Bowl 50: A) Clete Blakeman or B) Rick Sasso
Super Bowl LI: A) Carl Cheffers or B) Jerry Schuplinski
Super Bowl LII: A) Phil Basser or B) Gene Steratore

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