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Can you determine whether each of the following was a (B)owler who is in the PBA Hall of Fame, or a (F)ootball player who was named to the Pro Bowl?

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Name(B)owler or (F)ootball PlayerYear Inducted/Named
Eric Reid
Fred Beasley
Marshall Holman
Nelson Burton
Pete Weber
Roy Buckley
Brian Voss
Norm Duke
Bill Allen
Jason Couch
Matt Slater
Pat Tilley
Billy Welu
Jonathan Goodwin
David Ozio
Jim Schwantz
Amleto Monacelli
Mark Williams
Cary Blanchard
Mike Durbin
Joe Berardi
Terry Glenn
Wayne Webb
Name(B)owler or (F)ootball PlayerYear Inducted/Named
Mike Boryla
Walt Sweeney
Steve Cook
Paul Colwell
Don Carter
Mark Roth
David Sloan
Harry Smith
Tommy Hudson
Bruce Laird
Michael Bennett
Lance Schulters
Bill Kenney
Steve Odom
Leo Nomellini
Marty Booker
Tony Martin
Bruce Van Dyke
Jim Stafanich
Johnny Bailey
Wayne Zahn
Del Ballard
Jon Condo
Name(B)owler or (F)ootball PlayerYear Inducted/Named
Doug Kent
Larry Eisenhauer
John Petraglia
Buzz Fazio
Walter Ray Williams
Bobby Humphrey
Todd Sauerbrun
Rich Saul
Larry Laub
Ryan Pontbriand
Dave Lewis
Dave Davis
Jason Gildon
Ethan Horton
Mike Aulby
Larry Centers
Heath Farwell
Earl Anthony
Andy Livingston
Jim Godman
George Pappas
Harry Gilmer
Gary Dickenson
Name(B)owler or (F)ootball PlayerYear Inducted/Named
Parker Bohn
Ray Bluth
Dave Husted
Ethan Albright
Randy Pederson
Chip Myers
Walt Corey
Winston Hill
Dick Ritger
Carmen Salvino
Hugh McElhenny
Larry Izzo
Dick Weber
Justin Bethel
David Ferraro
Marco Coleman
Billy Hardwick
Derek Anderson
Shane Lechler
Jerry Gray
Don Johnson

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