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Subject of following haiku: 'The impossible!/A home run on two bum knees./I don't believe it.'
Hit 252 HRs at Sportsman's Park
4189 career hits, no World Series title
Who is 'Old Hoss Radbourn' critiquing on Twitter? 'Knuckle-ball hurling trash. Good god, man, it took you 800 games to win 300. I'm better than him.'
Yogi Berra: 'Ninety percent of the game __ ____ ______' (3 words)
Most Guessed 1971 Cleveland Indian who was an All-Star at some point.
Paul Dean's Nickname
Kansas City Royals #5
Red Sox pitcher 1995-2011, shares name with a Massachusetts town: Tim ___
Managed Baltimore Orioles on Opening Day 1980
Played for OAK, TOR, NYY, SD, LAA, NYM, SEA, BOS, LAD; stole more than 600 bases
Played LF 1974-89, collected 3974 HOF votes.
Played 1381 games at 2B in the 1990s
Won 6 Batting Titles: ___ Williams
Hypothetical World Series MVP for Yankees in 1923 and 1927
What year did Mike Jackson record 40 or more saves? (Hint: Mark McGwire hit many home runs that year.)
Won a Gold Glove at 2B for Orioles in 1969
Babe Ruth's real first name.
Catcher for 1974,1975-76,1977-78 Reds
Played for the Pirates 1962-1982. Career OPS .889
Player with highest WAR for 1998,1999 and 2009 World Champions
NL Franchise: 2005-present
Hit 36 Triples in 1912
Which ballpark has an ivy covered outfield wall?
Holds a franchise's single season records for wins (24), ERA (2.32), and Ks (372)
Led AL in saves 2005-2006 with the Angels.
Last name of 7 time Silver Slugger catcher and 7 time Silver Slugger Shortstop
Played 163 games for Orioles in 1961 and 1964
When scoring a baseball game, 'E' symbolizes this
2091 Strikeouts as a Brave
Went 21-8 with a 4.02 ERA in 2003 for Yankees.
Team with most guessed cap with more than one letter on it.
Cal Ripken hit 2 HRs off this 7 time Cy Young Award winner and 1986 MVP
Runner Up for Manager of the Year in 1990 (A's)
Nickname of 1919 Chicago White Sox
Ball goes through Bill Buckner's legs: Who hit it?
Played his whole career (3001 games) with the Baltimore Orioles.
Managed the Yankees against the Braves in the 1996 and 1999 World Series
According to he was considered to be the best pitcher in baseball from 1912-14 and 1918-19
Jeff Kent, John Olerud, Devon White and Dave Winfield played for this team, which finished 96-66 and won the World Series. (Yr. and team)
HintAnswerQuiz and Author
This 2007 #1 overall draft pick was the winning pitcher in Game 2 of the 2008 ALCS before he had ever won a regular season game.
Replaced Joe DiMaggio as Yankee CF in 1952
Most Guessed manager in top 16 in career wins without MLB playing experience
Fill in the shared name: Hank (Name) Sele
3255 Hits, .287 Avg.
Managed Braves 1978-81, 1990-210
Had multiple hits in 6 All-Star Games (1955-62)
42 post season saves with the Yankees
City that won 8 NL Pennants in the 19th century.
Most Guessed All-Star Under Lou Piniella
Most Guessed Pitcher with over 1000 assists (2014 from 1890-1911)
Had 20 HR seasons for SD,FLA,LAD,ATL,NYY,DET
Most Guessed Red Sox player who played in multiple World Series after the Ruth sale.
Played RF in WS Clinchers for 74 A's and 77 Yankees
Most Guessed 'Cookie Cutter' Stadium
Most Guessed player who started an All-Star Game for both leagues.
Most Guessed pitcher in the top 5 for Wins since 1990
Who was a switch-hitter: Mickey Mantle, Eddie Murray, both or neither?
Did Barry Bonds ever steal 60 bases in a season? (yes or no)
Center fielder - 1939 Yankees
After hitting a memorable HR on TV, 2 (friendly) fans chased him around 2nd base.
Won NL MVP same year Ichiro Suzuki won AL MVP
HOFer: Career lasted from 1927-53, 1965 some of which was spent with the Kansas City Monarchs
Most Guessed player: Fewest bases per hit. Played 2001-present, primarily for Seattle.
2001 All-Star with the Cardinals as a rookie.
3 time All-Star shortstop for Marlins who played a few games at 3B for the Dodgers.
Who said 'I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. And I might have been given a bad break, but I've got an awful lot to live for.'?
1977 AL Expansion Team in Ontario
Led the league in wins for the 2011 Tigers (24), also led the league in losses once.
All-Star teammate of Barry Bonds, 1999,2001
Last player to pass Stan Musial on the all-time hit list
Negro League Team: Homestead ____
The Pittsburgh Pirates first played against this team on 5/2/1882
Most recent player to hit a home run in a World Series for the Braves
Most Guessed player among top 25 in games played for the White Sox
The only player to pitch a perfect game in the World Series.
Who won a World Series Ring: Jason Giambi, Dave Stewart, both, or neither?
Ballpark that opened in 1912
AL MVP with Twins in 2009
First African-American NL All-Star 2B.

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