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QUIZ: Can you name the participants in The Battle of the Network Stars in the 1978-79 season?

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Announcer (FS)Sportscaster
Announcer (F)Sportscaster
ABC Captain (F)Welcome Back, Kotter
ABC (FS)Soap
ABC (FS)Vega$
ABC (FS)Battlestar Galactica
ABC (F)Battlestar Galactica
ABC (F)The Gift of the Magi
ABC (F)Mork & Mindy
ABC (F)Three's Company
ABC Captain (S)Eight is Enough
ABC (S)Eight is Enough
ABC (S)The Captain and Tennille
ABC (S)Angie
ABC (S)Happy Days
CBS Captain (F)Hello, Larry
CBS (FS)One Day at a Time
CBS (FS)The Incredible Hulk
CBS (F)One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story
CBS (F)Dallas
CBS (F)Flying High
CBS (F)Mary
CBS (F)WKRP in Cincinnati
CBS Captain (S)M*A*S*H
CBS (S)Dallas
CBS (S)Dallas
CBS (S)The Dukes of Hazzard
CBS (S)Here Comes Leif Garrett
CBS (S)WKRP in Cincinnati
NBC Captian (FS)Black Sheep Squadron
NBC (FS)Black Sheep Squadron
NBC (FS)Black Beauty
NBC (F)Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century
NBC (F)David Cassidy: Man Under Cover
NBC (F)Holocaust
NBC (F)Little Women
NBC (F)Project U.F.O.
NBC (S)Saturday Night Live
NBC (S)B.J. and the Bear
NBC (S)Brothers and Sisters
NBC (S)Diff'rent Strokes

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