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Can you name the players who are in the Hall of Merit but not in the Hall of Fame, and vice versa? (Click How to Play if you are unfamiliar with the Hall of Merit)

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Updated 1/24/19
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In Hall of Merit not in Hall of Fame
Phillies/White Sox 3B/1B (1963-77) 
Boston Red Stockings 2B (1871-81) 
Chicago Giants etc. (NEG) 3B (1919-35) 
Detroit Wolverines C (1878-93) 
Pirates/Giants OF (1986-2007) 
St. Louis Cardinals 3B (1955-69) 
Rangers/Marlins/Dodgers P (1986-2005) 
Louisville Colonels OF (1882-94) 
Browns/Bridegrooms P/OF (1884-93) 
Cleveland Spiders 2B (1888-1901) 
Giants/Rangers 1B (1986-2000) 
Red Sox/Blue Jays/Yankees/Astros P (1984-2007) 
Royals/Mets/Yankees P (1986-2003) 
Colts/Superbas/Giants SS (1891-1911) 
Angels/Cardinals OF (1993-08, 10) 
Braves/Giants/Tigers 3B/1B (1969-89) 
Boston Red Sox OF (1972-91) 
Indians/Red Sox P (1927-41) 
Detroit Tigers C (1961-76) 
Blues/Maroons/Hoosiers SS (1879-95) 
Chicago White Stockings OF (1879-92) 
Orioles/Angels 2B (1970-86) 
Cincinnati Reds 3B (1912-27) 
Chicago Cubs 3B (1932-47) 
Cardinals/Mets 1B (1974-90) 
Providence Grays OF (1872-91) 
Naps/White Sox OF (1908-20) 
Brooklyn Royal Giants etc. (NEG) SS (1893-1923) 
Cincinnati Red Stockings OF (1875-88) 
New York Yankees OF (1939-52) 
Atlantic City Bacharach Giants etc (NEG) SS (1916-37) 
Philadelphia Phillies OF (1904-19) 
Baltimore Orioles 3B (1891-1906) (in HOF as manager) 
Athletics/Cardinals 1B (1986-2001) 
Boston Red Stockings C/1B (1871-79) 
Indians/White Sox OF (1949-80) 
Kansas City Monarchs (NEG) SS (1920-26) 
Detroit Tigers P (1977-94)  
Indians/Yankees 3B (1967-88) 
Cuban Stars East (NEG) OF (1917-35) 
Rangers/Orioles 1B (1986-2005) 
Brooklyn Atlantics SS (1871-77) 
Chicago White Sox P (1945-64) 
St. Louis Brown Stockings etc. OF (1871-87) 
Indians/Red Sox OF (1993-2011) 
New York Yankees 2B (1975-92) 
Brooklyn Royal Giants (NEG) P (1911-32) 
Cubs/Pirates P (1972-91) 
Bisons/Wolverines 2B (1879-92) 
Phillies/Cardinals 3B (1996-2012) 
Cincinnati Reds INF/OF (1963-86) 
Royals/Mets P (1984-2001) 
Phillies/Diamondbacks/Red Sox P (1988-2007) 
Superbas/Cubs OF (1897-1913) 
Marlins/Dodgers etc. OF-3B (1988-2009) 
St. Louis Cardinals C (1968-88) 
Red Sox/Dodgers OF (1966-82) 
Atlantics/Mutuals/Grays 1B (1871-86) 
Toronto Blue Jays P (1979-98) 
Philadelphia Athletics (1880-93) OF 
Boston Beaneaters 3B (1871-88) 
Braves/Cardinals C/3B (1960-77) (in HOF as manager) 
Cleveland Buckeyes etc. (NEG) C (1930-52) 
Expos/Rockies OF (1989-2005) 
Detroit Tigers 2B (1977-95) 
Astros/Dodgers OF (1963-77) 
In Hall of Fame not in Hall of Merit
White Sox/Orioles SS (1956-73) 
White Sox/Orioles DH (1980-2001) 
Phillies/Giants/Braves SS (1915-30) 
Philadelphia Athletics P (1903-25) 
St. Louis Cardinals 1B (1922-37) 
St. Louis Cardinals OF (1961-79) 
Giants/Cardinals 1B (1958-74) 
Chicago Cubs 1B (1898-1914) 
Pirates/Highlanders P (1899-1909) 
New York Yankees OF (1924-35) 
Stars/Monarchs (NEG) P (1920-39) 
Pirates/Cubs OF (1921-38) 
Newark Eagles (NEG) 3B (1933-44) 
Newark Eagles (NEG) P (1934-46) 
St. Louis Cardinals P (1930-47) 
Boston Beaneaters OF (1888-1906) 
Chicago Cubs 2B (1902-29) 
Browns/Red Sox/Senators C (1929-47) 
New York Yankees P (1930-43) 
Pirates/Robins P (1916-34) 
St. Louis Cardinals OF (1924-37) 
St. Louis Cardinals P (1918-37) 
San Diego Padres P (1993-2010) 
Red Sox/White Sox OF (1909-25) 
New York Yankees P (1918-38) 
Athletics/Yankees P (1965-79) 
New York Giants SS (1922-36) 
Daisies/Crawfords (NEG) 3B (1918-36) 
Cleveland Naps P (1902-10) 
Detroit Tigers 3B (1943-57) 
New York Giants 1B (1915-32) 
Philadelphia Phillies OF (1928-44) 
New York Yankees 2B (1926-39) 
New York Giants 3B (1924-36) 
Cincinnati Reds C (1931-47) 
Tigers/Browns/Senators OF (1923-39) 
Braves/Pirates SS (1912-35) 
Giants/Robins P (1908-25) 
Pittsburgh Pirates 2B (1956-72) 
Beaneaters/Browns RF (1884-96) 
Red Sox/Yankees P (1912-34) 
Cincinnati Reds 1B (1964--86) 
Minnesota Twins OF (1984-95) 
Boston Red Sox OF (1974-89) 
Washington Senators OF (1915-34) 
New York Yankees SS (1941-56) 
Chicago White Sox C (1912-29) 
St. Louis Cardinals 2B (1945-63) 
Cubs/Cardinals RP (1980-1997) 
Kansas City Monarchs (NEG) P (1932-48) 
Chicago Cubs RP (1976-88) 
Indianapolis ABCs (NEG) etc. 1B (1908-29) 
Chicago Cubs SS (1902-16) 
Pittsburgh Pirates 3B (1920-37) 
Pittsburgh Pirates OF (1927-45) 
New York Giants P (1880-92) 
Beaneaters/Pirates P (1898-1910) 
Chicago Cubs OF (1923-34) 
New York Giants OF (1917-26) 
In Neither, Should Be In Both
Tokyo Giants 1B (1959-80) 

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