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Can you name the Actual Non-Novelty Chuck Norris Facts?

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Born in this state
In this town, which shares its name with a Hall of Fame Texas Ranger
This year
Given name
One of father's occupations
One of Chuck's ethnic backgrounds
Younger brother, producer of Walker, Texas Ranger
In 1958, Joined this branch of the military
Was stationed in this country
Created this martial art form
Translated into English
City where Norris lived and opened karate school in the 60's
Where his celebrity clients included this legendary actor and race car enthusiast
And this legendary game show host
And this wife of rock and roll royalty
And this legendary brother-sister singing duo
On November 24, 1968 won Professional Karate title in this weight class.
Held the title for this many years
First Westerner to earn 8th Degree Black Belt Grand Master in this martial art
Made his acting debut in this Dean Martin movie
Brother Wieland was killed in this war
Film series Chuck later dedicated to Wieland
In 1972, met this martial arts film legend
Acted as his nemesis in this movie
First starring role in this 1977 trucker movie
1978 movie with Anne Archer
1980 movie with Lee Van Cleef
1981 movie with Christopher Lee
1983 movie with David Carradine
1985 movie with Henry Silva
1986 movie with Lee Marvin
1986 movie with Lou Gossett
Walker, Texas Ranger aired on which network
Premiered in what year?
And lasted how many seasons?
Walker drove what kind of pickup?
Late night comedian who frequently used clips from Walker.
Chuck endorses what product in infomercials
With this supermodel
Appeared in commercials for this video game
Belongs to which political party?
Endorsed this Presidential candidate in 2008
Originally endorsed this Presidential candidate in 2012
Then supported
Before finally supporting
In 2007, was made honorary member of this branch of the military
In 2010, was made honorary member of this law enforcement agency
Was spokesperson for this government agency
Founded this organization which teaches at risk youth martial arts as an alternative to drugs
His favorite 'Chuck Norris Fact' involves this U.S. Landmark

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