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Who is Piper's oldest son?
Who is Paige's father?
What is the name of the sisters club?
What war did Leo fight in?
Who killed Prue?
What does Phobe major in in college?
What is the name of the restaruant the Piper woked at in Season 1?
Who is the youngest sister?
What kind of demon killed the girl's mother?
What is the girl's last name?
What is the name of the magical book?
What type of sea creature did Phobe turn into in Season 5?
What occupation was Paige's adopted father?
Who was Prue's first love?
What kind of magical being is Leo?
Who tries to create Utopia with the help of Leo?
What is the name of the auction house Prue worked at?
Who is the start of the girl's family line?
Who does Paige marry?
Who are the sisters that try to kill the sisters in Season 8

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