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Forced Order
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Celebrity ImpersonatedContestant
(S2) Lady Gaga
(S2) Paris Hilton
(S2) Britney Spears
(S2) RuPaul
(S2) Beyoncé
(S3) Tyra Banks
(S3) Cher
(S3) Mo'Nique
(S3) Tina Turner
(S3) Imelda Marcos
(S4) Jessica Simpson
(S4) Cher
(S4) Michelle Visage
(S4) Diana Ross
(S4) Lady Gaga
(S5) Lady Bunny
(S5) Katy Perry
(S5) Taylor Swift
(S5) Ke$ha
Celebrity ImpersonatedContestant
(S5) Little Edie
(S6) Rachel Zoe
(S6) Kim Kardashian
(S6) Judge Judy
(S6) Anna Nicole Smith
(S6) Nicki Minaj
(S7) Alyssa Edwards
(S7) Big Ang
(S7) Sharon Needles
(S7) Donatella Versace
(S8) Britney Spears
(S8) Tiffany Pollard
(S8) Nancy Grace
(S8) Uzo Aduba + Carol Channing
(S9) Liza Minelli
(S9) Marlene Dietrich
(S9) Jasmine Masters
(S9) Alyssa Edwards

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