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'sweet scented stuff'
a reference witihin a literary work to a historical, literary, or biblical character, place, or event
The repetition of vowel sounds in a sequence of nearby words
usually for the purpose of mockery
'happy as a clam'
a sudden realization
use of hints to give a preview of events that do not happen until later in the story
an extreme exaggeration
'it's raining cats and dogs'
language that stimulates the senses
usually emphasizes the contrast between the way things are expected to be and the way they actually are
'life is but a walking shadow'
a recurring structure, contrast, idea, or other device that develops a literary work's major ideas.
'wise fool'
a statement that seems contradictory but is deeply true
an animal or object that is given human characteristics
'ernest was being earnest.'
a question that is made to make you think, not to actually be answered
a tone that hints off that the speaker means the opposite of what he/she is saying
comparison using like or as
an object or figure to represent an idea
a fundamental/universal idea in a text
central argument
the author's attitude toward the story

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