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Within each answer is the name of a fictional character. Can you find the word that fits each definition & contains the given character's name?

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Definition: A large goblet or cup
Contains: A girl who visited Wonderland
Definition: A line joining opposite corners of a square
Contains: Jafar's parrot sidekick in Aladdin
Definition: A monologue revealing one's inner thoughts
Contains: The girl who adopts Stitch
Star Wars
Definition: Tepid; Unenthusiastic
Contains: The young Jedi protagonist of episodes IV-VI
Definition: A slender racing dog breed
Contains: Scavenger heroine introduced in episode VII
Definition: Bits of paper thrown in celebration
Contains: Surname of the bounty hunter Boba
The Simpsons
Definition: A person who mixes and serves drinks
Contains: Homer & Marge's only son
Definition: Ancient military device for hurling projectiles
Contains: Proprietor of the Kwik-E-Mart
Definition: An Italian dish made of rice cooked in stock
Contains: Springfield Elementary bus driver
Harry Potter
Definition: A large pot used for boiling (perhaps a potion?)
Contains: Harry's best mate
Definition: A statue of a grotesque figure, often winged
Contains: Crabbe's constant companion
Definition: Repeating portion of a song
Contains: Harry's first girlfriend
Marvel Superheroes
Definition: The middle section of an insect's body
Contains: Avenger who is also a Norse God
Definition: A male member of law enforcement
Contains: X-Men character with frigid powers
Definition: Lying outside for the purpose of getting a tan
Contains: Fantastic Four member with a stone-clad body
Definition: Powered by atomic energy
Contains: A titular king who descends into madness
Definition: To wrinkle the face, as in reaction to a sour taste
Contains: A Midsummer Night's Dream's mischievous sprite
Definition: Element 51, a brittle metalloid
Contains: Title character who was a lord of Athens
Definition: A brownish-crimson color
Contains: Kanga's little boy
Definition: A lock of hair that resists being combed flat
Contains: A long-winded bird
Definition: The act of removing one's clothes
Contains: 2nd name of the Hundred Acre Wood's only human
The Hobbit
Definition: A sheath for the blade of a sword or dagger
Contains: The bowman who shot down Smaug
Definition: Remove or conceal an unpleasant smell
Contains: A dwarf; brother of Ori and Nori
Definition: Impede or obstruct legislation via long speech
Contains: A young dwarf, brother of Kili

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