Literature Quiz / Word Ladder: What Does One Do in Middle-earth?

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Provide the 3-letter words to find out what one does.

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A negation
A trivial detail - try not to pick them
As steward, Denethor couldn't do this on the King's throne
Chip or card that stores your identity on your phone
Seven of them are deadly
Bowling target
Samwise might use one to fry up some bacon
A costly verb
A layer, as in a sheet of wood or a paper towel
To meddle in someone's private life
What the Fellowship did when Gandalf fell
A low bank or reef of coral or sand
'I will take the ring to Mordor. Though I do not know the ___.'
This -Mart is an Arkansas based retail giant
2001's sentient computer antagonist
Chewbacca's buddy
You can get one from the sun
Combine it with copper to make bronze
Frodo, to Bilbo
A baby fox
Beavis can't stop laughing at this small bird
A tater treat
What a cow says
First 3 letters shared by Sauron's domain & the Balrog's mines
The sleepy sort of mouse at the mad tea party

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