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What is the national currency of Russia?
What sea separates Scotland from Denmark?
The 'Hall of Mirrors' is part of which French Palace?
Mont Blanc lies on the border of what two countries?
On what Italian island is the city of Palermo located?
Cardiff is the capital of which UK constituent country?
The Danube River empties into which body of water?
Name the capital city of any of the three Baltic states.
The Faroe Islands are part of which European country?
What city was once known as Byzantium & Constantinople?
On what peninsula would you find the cities Porto & Seville?
What is the official language spoken in the city of Ljubljana?
Which Austrian city hosted the 1964 & '76 Winter Olympics?
What is the nickname of the bell in London's Elizabeth Tower?
Wiltshire, England is known for what neolithic monument site?
What river runs through Rome, Italy?
What is the capital city of Liechtenstein?
Name any English county beginning with 'S'.
In what city would you find the Sagrada Família?
Munich is the capital of which South German state?
Which city was the capital of the former Yugoslavia?
Which mountain range separates Spain from France?
Whose flag is red with a black, double-headed eagle?
What strait connects the Mediterranean to the Atlantic?
Which large French island lies directly north of Sardinia?
In what country are Odesa, Kharkiv, and Dnipro located?
Name one of the former names of St. Petersburg, Russia.
Which peak in the Caucasus is one of the Seven Summits?
What 2nd-largest Polish city was Poland's capital until 1596?
Name Russia's exclave that lies between Poland & Lithuania.
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