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It _____ one to know one.
_____, rattle, and roll.
A collar worn by Ancient Egypt’s elite.
Hugh Laurie’s limping doctor
_____ pocus
1, 8, 27, 64, etc - in Spanish
Should we watch ABC, NBC, Fox, __ ___?
Multiple umbilici
The style of adornment in a room or building.
Out of chaos comes _____
Less wet.
Alfred Yankovic wears this moniker with pride.
Nothing to _____ home about.
Between your hand and forearm.
A classic English trick-taking card game.
The capital of Tunisia.
Mr. Knievel’s line of work.
Porky’s were Loony.
Places for birds and bees.
_____ Park, CO: home to the hotel that inspired The Shining.
Bristles on earthworms or gecko feet.
Gustatory perception.
An empty stadium is still full of them.
Alternate filmed versions of a movie scene.

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