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Can you name any element that fits each of the criteria in these six categories?

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Forced Order
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Whose Symbol...
Shares no letters with its name 
Contains 'Y' 
Contains 2 vowels 
Is worth at least 9 pts. in Scrabble 
Found on the Periodic Table...
In the Halogen family 
Adjacent to Cobalt 
In period 3 
In the Alkaline Earth family 
That Was Named After...
A scientist 
A celestial body 
A location in the U.S. 
A location in Sweden 
Which is...
Liquid at room temp. & pressure 
Found in methane 
That was Discovered...
By the Ancients 
After the year 2000 
By the Curies 
By Henry Cavendish 
Whose Name...
Contains double letters 
Contains 'RAN' 
Is at least 12 letters 
Ends in 'H' or 'S' 

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