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Can you name the missing words from these terms related to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass?

Quiz Updated Dec 28, 2015

Also try: 'Jabberwocky'
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Six impossible things before breakfastWord
Knave of ______
_____ Hare
Who Stole the _____?
Why is a raven like a ____________?
____ Turtle
___ with her head!
The ______ and the Carpenter
______ Dumpty
________ Cat's Grin
Mad ______
Bill the ______
_____ Carroll
The Frumious ____________
Six impossible things before breakfastWord
`______ the Jabberwock, my son!'
'You're nothing but a pack of _____!'
Fish-_______ and Frog-_______
The Lion and the _______
Down the ______-Hole
An invitation from the Queen to play _______.
_____ Rabbit
The _______ Quadrille
_______dum and _______dee
Twinkle Twinkle Little ___
Pool of _____
A Mad Tea _____
'We're all ___ here. I'm ___. You're ___.'

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