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Can you answer these almost useless trivia questions about languages?

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In what language does 'farfalla' mean 'butterfly'?
Name either of the 2 official languages in Cyprus.
By what name is the ~ symbol commonly known?
What is the most common spoken language in India?
The Hangul alphabet is used to write which language?
'Gelb' & 'jaune' both translate to what color in English?
'Above' & 'from' are examples of which part of speech?
NASA is an example of what type of abbreviated word?
The words 'fjord' & 'lemming' originated in what language?
Which US state's name comes from Spanish for 'snowfall'?
Which number, when written out, comes first alphabetically?
Huttese & Droidspeak are languages in which film franchise?
Which NATO phonetic alphabet word is a Canadian province?
Which South American country speaks primarily Portuguese?
'Civic' & 'refer' are examples of what kind of reversible word?
What is the 3rd letter of the Greek alphabet?
Russian and Bulgarian both use which alphabet?
Dzongkha is the official language in which Kingdom?
What is the longest English word with only one vowel?
What author created the languages Quenya & Sindarin?
What word can mean both 'to stumble' and 'a vacation'?
What term refers to a word without any repeating letters?
What 'g' word denotes a verb's '-ing' form, used as a noun?
Name any Asian country with English as an official language.
Egyptian hieroglyphics were transliterated with what artifact?
What is the only English word that is an anagram of 'Canoe'?
What school-related Latin phrase means 'nourishing mother'?
Which animal's German name is 'schildkröte' (shield + toad)?
What modern language uses the letters ð (eth) and þ (thorn)?
What term describes the study of word origins & their history?

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