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In what country was Tetris designed?
Name any Risk territory located in Africa.
Ultimate is a sport utilizing what classic toy?
Who is the protagonist of the Tomb Raider series?
Name a 1st generation Pokémon beginning with 'E'.
What is the name of Barbie's male doll counterpart?
Name any of the body parts from the game Operation.
Jazz & Megatron are characters from what toy franchise?
Which Clue(do) suspect's surname is the name of a fruit?
What gaming console was launched in 2001 by Microsoft?
What boxer had his own NES game, featuring King Hippo?
'Teddy Bear' plush toys are named for which US President?
What is the most expensive Monopoly property (US or UK)?
In what video game series might you drive on Rainbow Road?
In what game can you score a 50 pt. 'bingo' by playing 7 tiles?
What toy hero defends Castle Greyskull in Eternia?
In what 1981 arcade game did Mario make his debut?
Name any of the 6 Dungeons & Dragons ability scores.
'Klondike' is a variant of what single-player card game?
What Nebraska city lends its name to a variant of Poker?
What kingdom is the main setting for the Legend of Zelda?
What board game features Princess Lolly & Queen Frostine?
Name the Pokémon protagonist known as Satoshi in Japan.
'Skip' & 'Wild Draw Four' are elements of which card game?
What game series, starring Kratos, is based on Greek Myth?
What game's lexicon includes mob, biome, ore, and creeper?
What is the Blackjack term for a player's hand exceeding 21?
Jaguar & 2600 are video game systems from what company?
Garry Kasparov is known as a world champion at what game?
Sega developed 1991's Sonic the Hedgehog for what console?

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