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A prune is a dried form of what stone fruit?
Which US state is nicknamed 'The Peach State'?
What 2007 Pixar film is named for a type of stew?
Absolut vodka is produced in Ă…hus, in what country?
'Hibachi' means 'brazier' or 'fire pot' in what language?
Arborio and basmati are varieties of what staple food?
Coleslaw & sauerkraut are made from what vegetable?
Foie gras is made from which organ of a duck or goose?
According to its slogan, what brand is 'Australian for Beer'?
What variety of bean is also a South American capital city?
Frosted Flakes cereal uses what animal species as mascot?
'Gimme a break' was a tagline for what popular candy bar?
What fast food chain was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas?
Who was the Greek god of wine (or his Roman counterpart)?
Squishee & Duff are fictional beverages from which TV show?
In what country did Feta cheese originate?
Who hosted The French Chef from 1963-1974?
In the name 'RC Cola', what does the RC stand for?
What cocktail is made from vodka and orange juice?
Apart from pork & ham, name any ingredient in Spam.
By what name is the eggplant known in British English?
Albumen is a word that refers to what edible substance?
What protein-rich vegan food is also known as bean curd?
Hummus is traditionally made from what variety of legume?
What liquor is traditionally made from the blue agave plant?
Farfalle pasta gets its name from the Italian for what insect?
What is the name for white rendered pig fat used in cooking?
What fish is normally an ingredient in Worcestershire Sauce?
What scale is used to measure the spiciness of chili peppers?
What was The Dude's preferred cocktail in The Big Lebowski?
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