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Can you answer these almost useless trivia questions about the animal kingdom?

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What is the largest living species of cat?
The female of what animal is known as a vixen?
Spinner & Bottlenose are species of what animal?
Jane Goodall is known for studying what animals?
Name either of the animals found on Mexico's flag.
What makes up over 99% of a Giant Panda's diet?
A group of crows is known by what collective name?
The wildebeest is also known by what 3-letter name?
Instead of bones, what makes up a shark's skeleton?
In which vertebrate class are young nursed with milk?
What gemstone is naturally secreted inside an oyster?
In which major mountain range would you find alpacas?
Which biologist popularized the idea of natural selection?
Elephant's tusks are composed of what hard, white material?
Which insect body segment is between the head & abdomen?
What species of whale was Moby-Dick?
What is the name for an infant marsupial?
By what name are male honey bees known?
Which species of camel has only one hump?
Which bird species is the largest alive today?
A frugivore is an animal that feeds mainly on what?
What animal is depicted in the constellation Cygnus?
What sort of animal would you find living in a vespiary?
Ursus maritimus is the scientific name for what animal?
Squid have 8 arms and a pair of what other appendage?
The dodo was native to which Indian Ocean island nation?
Ovine is an adjective that describes what sort of mammal?
Exceeding 240 mph, what falcon is the world's fastest bird?
Frogs & salamanders are members of what vertebrate class?
In which country would you find the kakapo & the giant weta?

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