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Native, edible berries, stems without spines, shrub 10 feet tall
Native edible leaves, second half of leaf has teeth, stem is covered in long straight spines
Native edible berries, leaves have 'thumbs or look like butterflies and have round, hollow stalks with mildly prickly spines
Native inedible white berries shrubby bush to 5 feet and straight brown twigs and branches
Stick like velcro spoke shaped leaves on a stalk sticks to everything
Native, large fern with no branches, normally with dots under leaves
Native edible root (licorice flavored), the only fern that grows on wood
Everything is in 3's
Native small Tree think canada
native big tree think canada again
native edible berries with blurish round vine with harmless thorns and 3 leafs, no thumbs
Invasive edible berries gnarly battle ready 5 sided vines leaves may e deeply toothed
Shrub to 30 feet tall shiney green leaves which are light green underneath and finer and sharper teeth than red alder
tree to 100 feet, toothed leaves, the edges curl underneath and are bark grey smooth and mottled they have catkins in spring and little cones in the fall
invasive tree to 70 feet have leathery leafs spines are pointing up and down twigs are bright green and are thick and there are bright red berries
rich orange bark that peels away in sheets, green when scratched leathery thick evergreen eaves normally grows under Douglas fer
native shrub 5-7 leaflets leafs smell skunky when crushed
native edible leaves and fruit, long slender branches, smell and taste like cucumber
needles are different lengthes and branch tips droop
Native tree 1 inch needles which are all the same lengths cone brackets look like mice
Native deeply divided leaves red or purple heart shaped flowers
Native scale like foliage in flat sprays foliage smells like apples
fern not on stalk from the ground, they have branches and are about the same time as sword fern
bracken has branches and grows in spring
invasive, evergreen leathery leaves and vine cover everything
edible when cooked or squished hairy and has stinging stems
edible berries, leathery finely toothed egg shaped leaves with pointy tips, greenish angular branches
native edible berries, extremly spiny branches, bright yellow flowers
native edible shoots and berries, shrub 15 feet tall, leaves, flowers, and fruit same as low bush
native edible shoots and berries shrub to 5 feet long narrow stems, leaves toothed, opposite, and leathery
invasive mildly toxic to the skin, shrub 10 feet tall, green twigs that appear scarly, bright yellow flowers
native edible berries, shrub to 10 feet tall, bright green twigs with many angles, small, thin, round leaves with a pointy tip

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