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Can you name the Players in the 2010 NHL Commercials?

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QuestionPlayerTeam (in commercial)
What if (name) never inspired Hockeytown?Detroit Redwings
What if 13 was unlucky?Montreal Canadiens
What if :28 didn't make all the difference?Chicago Blackhawks
What if (name) hadn't been 'magnifique'?Montreal Canadiens
What if (name) didn't bust out?Chicago Blackhawks
What if the draft ended after the 5th round?Detroit Redwings
What if (name) stayed at home?Vancouver Canucks
What it (name) didn't seize the moment?Philadelphia Flyers
What if 49 years of waiting didn't end?(team name)
What if (name) didn't fly?Boston Bruins
What if (name) wasn't so super?Pittsburgh Penguins
What if sudden death didn't give new life?Philadelphia Flyers
What if (name) played like he was shorthanded?Chicago Blackhawks
What if Broad Street didn't fight back?(team name)
QuestionPlayerTeam (in commercial)
What if (name) didn't believe in one more year?Colorado Avalanche
What if (name) didn't have the drive?Philadelphia Flyers
What if (name) didn't lift an entire city?New York Rangers
What if (name) didn't light the 11th lamp?Chicago Blackhawks
What if the Mule didn't kick back?Detroit Redwings
What if (name) didn't play like Clarkie?Philadelphia Flyers
What if (name) didn't make Madison's house go mad?Chicago Blackhawks
What if (name) only stopped 43?Chicago Blackhawks
What if there was no Greatness?Edmonton Oilers
What if there were no hometown heroes?Montreal Canadiens
What if Flower didn't come up roses?Pittsburgh Penguins
What if (name) played like a rookie?Montreal Canadiens
What if 'Little (name)' didn't keep coming up big?San Jose Sharks
What if (name) didn't get a second chance?Boston Bruins

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