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How much do you know about Blade Runner?

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Who portrayed Rick Deckard
Who portrayed Rachael
Who portrayed Roy Batty
Who portrayed Pris
Who portrayed Zhora
Who portrayed Leon
Who portrayed Gaff
Who portrayed Bryant
Who portrayed J.F. Sebastian
Who portrayed Eldon Tyrell
Who directed Blade Runner?
The movie was adapted from what novel?
Who wrote the novel?
Did the author of the novel hate the movie
What year was Blade Runner released?
Who composed the music for Blade Runner?
When was the official soundtrack released?
How many replicants escaped the off-world colony as stated by Bryant?
How many replicants are 'retired' at the movies end?
How many replicants did Deckard 'retire'?
Deckard's life was saved twice; what did the saviors have in common?
Name the man that saved Deckard.
What is the name of the police cars?
How many versions are there of the movie?
What director allowed aerial shots from his movie to be used in the Extended Cut?
Which version allowed Ridley Scott complete artistic freedom?
What language did Edward James Olmos help create?
What is the controversial meaning behind the unicorn vision and origami?
Was the controversial meaning confirmed by Ridley Scott?

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