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Can you name the places in the Harry Potter Books?

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Weasley Residence
Village of Potter Residence
Village of Riddle Residence
Title of Chapter 1 in the Goblet of Fire
Town of Dursley Residence
Dursley Residence
Lucius' Residence
Black Residence
Dobby, Bill, and Fleur are here
Snape lives on this street
Fleur's school
Krum's school
Harry's school
A wizarding shopping district in central London
...the safest place in the world fer anything yeh want ter keep safe -- 'cept maybe Hogwarts.
Harry got Hedwig here
Harry ate ice cream here in book 3
Buy your Invisible Book of Invisibility here
According to Hagrid, it's a famous place. Also, Tom works here.
You can buy robes here
You can also buy them here
Hermione got Crookshanks here
It's the only place for a wand, according to Hagrid.
Buy a Firebolt here
Fred and George's shop
Madam Rosmerta works here
You can buy a biting teacup here
Aberforth works here
They sell and repair magical equipment
They sell many different kinds of unusual socks, among other wizard clothing
If Hermione needed a new quill, she'd go here
If you hate Valentine's day, love, or tea, don't go here.
For chocolate frogs, pepper imps, acid pops, cockroach clusters...
Popularly known as the most haunted building in Great Britain
The train station to get to Hogwarts
Once you're in the station, you need to find...
After the ride is over, you get off at this station
If you were sick, you might go to
Dementors guard the wizard prison,
Another prison built by Grindelwald
Mr. Weasley works here
Get your flesh eating slug repellent here
If you want a vanishing cabinet, hand of glory, or cursed necklace...
It will only appear when you really need it

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