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What was the time difference between the last two openings of the chamber of secrets
Voldemort's pet?
Head of Hufflepuff house?
Which house elf was freed by a sock?
Voldemort's given name?
The person who made Victor Krum's wand?
Fleur Delacour's sister?
Buckeak's name after going into hiding?
Voldemort's ring once belonged to?
A boggart shows you your?
Which harry potter character destroyed Voldemort's locket ?
What number book did Sirius Black die in?
Who killed Sirius Black?
How did Sirius Black die?
What animal could Sirius Black turn into?
Whose godfather was Sirius Black?
What number book did Peter Pettigrew die in?
What killed Peter Pettigrew?
How did Peter Pettigrew die?
What animal could Peter Pettigrew turn into?
Who was Peter Pettigrew's master?
What number book did James Potter die in?
Who killed James Potter?
How did James Potter die?
What animal could James Potter turn into?
What was James Potter's nickname for Severus Snape
These were three of the creators of of what?
When it no longer needs to be used what phrase needs to be spoken?
Who was the map found by?
What is the model of car Ron flew?
What is Professor Flitwick's last name?
What is the name of Harry's wife?
How many children did they have?
Who killed Severus Snape?
Who killed Moaning Myrtle?
In the books, what kind of dog is fang?
Who was the teacher of defense against the dark arts in book two?
What spell was he especially good at?
What happened when he attempted it with Ron's broken wand?
What helped Harry survive Voldemort's killing curse?
Which of Harry's parents died first
After Lockhart got rid of all the bones in Harry's hand what did madam Pomfrey use to grow them back?

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