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Can you name the facts about Weasley's Wizard Wheezes?

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the founders (duh, you don't need the last name)1
Uniforms are this color2
What is in the back room?3
What was the poster in the window for the first time the Weasey family visited the shop?4
Arnold was a member of what species sold at the shop?5
What were the products for freaks like Arthur?6
What was the boy trying to steal when he was caught?7
Which part of the skiving snackbox was most popular?8
What was the shop's address in Diagon Alley?9
What was the name of the shop assistant when the Weasley family visited the shop?10
What did the last answer call Fred and George11
What did (#10) tell Fred and George someone was asking for?12
Which line of products was in the glowing pink bottles?13
What did Fred and George refuse to sell to Ginny?14
How old do you have to be to buy a day dream potion?15
What did Malfoy buy there, to everybody's detriment?16
What walked itself to the gallows?17
Ron bought what kind of quill there?18
What did Ron take from the shop?19
What was the line of fireworks called?20
What were literally walking off the shelves?21
Is Harry's gold good at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes?22
What product did the twins demonstrate to great effect on the 5th floor at Hogwarts?23
What is a basic box of (#20) called?24
What is a fully loaded box of (#20) called?25
The twins offered discouts to any students who swore to get rid of whom?26

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