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The Doctor's granddaughter
The (First) Doctor's first female companion
Traveled with the Seventh Doctor (her real name is Dorothy Gale McShane), beat up a Dalek with baseball bat, DON'T CALL HER SMALL!
Along with the Brigadier, one of the Doctor's most iconic companions, had her own spinoff show.
The Fourth Doctor's companion, a Time Lady (just give her shorter name)
Another Time Lady, worked against the Sixth and Seventh Doctors and (unwillingly) with the Master.
The Brigadier's daughter
She's ________. Well, she wouldn't continue to call herself (the male equivalent of the answer) now would she?
The Girl Who Waited
The Doctor's Murderer (and wife. . .Timey Wimey stuff)
_______ ________, (former) Prime Minister (yes, we know who she is).
Badwolf who made herself, scattering the words through time and space (also the only being in existence to have her own personal Doctor).
The best temp in Chiswick and the woman who foiled the Reality Bomb.
A true medical doctor who was instrumental in defeating Harold Saxon.
She stopped the Time Lord Victorious at the cost of her own life
The Impossible Girl.
The Girl Who Died.
High Priestess of the Sisterhood of Karn.
Mother Superious of the Papal Mainframe
Rose's mother (don't let her touch the controls).
Crashed through a train, made her own Sonic with Sheffield steel, likes Custard Creams.
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