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The spell to extingush wand light
Metamorphmagus, auror, member of the Order of the Phoenix (first name)
The only thing Voldemort ever cared about, the last horcrux destroyed
The other boy the prophecy might have referred to
She cares about nothing more than her son
These creatures search for treasure, one nearly gnawed Umbridge's hand off
Luna believes it exists, and so does her father Xenophilius, they infest mistletoe
The Gryffindor house ghost
Hogwarts students sit these exams in their 7th year
Norbert is this breed of dragon
resembling a piglet, this creature will sneak on to a farm and bring a blight to that farm
Harry's first broom was this type
The Karasjok Kites hail from this Northern European nation
The Moutohora Macaws hail from ths nation in Oceania
the middle name of Sirius' great grandfather
A known Death Eater, was among those who broke out in the last book
First name of the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
In Snape's challenge in the first book, three bottles are this harmless beverage
died saving a muggle child from a manticore,posthumously awarded Order of Merlin, on a wizard card
Divination classes are in this tower.
For The Greater Good hung over the gates of what place?
Creator of the Sorcerer's Stone, Alchemy partner of Albus Dumbledore (FIRST name)

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