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Can you name the things with initials that are consecutive in the alphabet?

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intials and categoriesthings
AB (Union General during the Civil War)
BC (New York Yankees pitcher)
CD (element, transition metal)
DE (US State)
EF (subject of a Gordon Lightfoot song, tragic shipwreck on Lake Superior)
FG (any basket other than a free throw)
GH (a Beatle)
HI (US State)
IJ (celebrity archaeologist)
JK (humorous web lingo)
KL (singer of Highway to the Danger Zone)
LM (Argentine Footballer)
MN (element, transition metal)
intials and categoriesthings
NO (Southern city in the US)
OP (surfwear company)
PQ (British power metal band)
QR (A state of Mexico)
RS (English rock band formed in the 60s)
ST (where no man has gone before)
TU (a Southern university located in the answer to #14)
UV (light at frequencies just higher than the highest of the visual spectrum)
VW (German car brand)
WX (county in the Republic of Ireland)
XY (this is a gimme, pick the right gender)
YZ (Empress of the Zing dyansty in the 3rd century)

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