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CombatantsBattle NameDate
France, England (A)10/24/1415
House of Lancaster, House of York (B)8/22/1485
British Empire, Norway/Denmark (C)8/16-9/5/1807
Minamoto Clan, Taira Clan (D)4/25/1185
USA, Germany/Italy (E)3/23-4/7/1943
Army of the Potomac, Army of Northern Virginia (F)12/11-15/1862
Albert I of Habsburg, Adolf of Nassau-Weilberg (G)7/2/1298
United Kingdom, Spain (H)7/6-8/13/1762
USA, Japan (I)2/19-3/26/1945
British Empire, Ottoman Empire/Germany (J)11/17-12/30/1917
British Empire, Zulu Empire (K)2/9/1879
Holy League / Ottoman Empire (L)10/7/15
Jews, Roman Army (M)73-74 CE
CombatantsBattle NameDate
Byzantine Empire, Sassanid Empire (N)12/12/627
Hojo Clan, Takeda Clan (O)1580
North Vietnam/Vietcong, South Vietnam (P)12/12/1974-1/6/1975
Cao Wei, Eastern Wu (Q)6/223
Franks, Vascones (R)8/15/778
Union, Confederacy (S)4/6-7/1862
Greek city-states, Persia (T)8/7 or 9/8-10/80
Akkad, Sumerian provinces (U)c. 2271 BCE
Roman Republic, Germanic Suebi tribe (V)58 BCE
Japan, China (W)1/20-2/12/1895
Liu Biao, Yuan Shu (X)191 CE
Song Dynasty, Mongol Yuan Dynasty (Y)3/19/1279
Carthage/Gaul, Roman Republic/Numidia (Z)10/19/202

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