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Not a muggle, but a. . .(male)
not a muggle, but a. . .(female)
Flaming red hair and freckles, you must be a. . .
A healing potion
Ludo Bagman's old team
Go to Ollivander's for your. . .
what spell did Ron use to knock out the Troll?
Number 4 Privet Drive, Little __________
What radio netowrk has its headquarters in Hogsmeade?
Snape made it for Lupin while the latter was DADA professor
Formerly the houself of the Crouch family
Sirius' formidable mother's first name
Professor Grubbly-Plank's first name
Bellatrix's wand is made of this wood
Lily Evan's wand was made of this wood
The nickname of the one who betrayed Lily and James
Harry's Quidditch Captain his first year (last name)
what is over the path to the Shrieking Shack at the Hogwarts end?
Buckbeak's new name
What Crouch calls Percy
Fred and George's shop is called. . .
Chief Mugwump of the . . .
Spied on Harry and the DA for Umbridge at the Hog's Head

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