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Can you name the J things from Harry Potter??

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Author of Magical Draughts and Potions (last name acceptable)
Harry's father, middle name, and oldest son
Hermione's middle name
Umbridge's middle name
Gambol's partner
Gryffindor chaser and team captain in her seventh year (last name acceptable)
Hogwarts Quidditch commentator until his graduation in Harry's fifth year (last name acceptable)
Lupin's middle name
Gryffindor beater after the Weasleys are banned by Umbridge (first name accetable)
Gryffindor beater during Harry's captaincy along with Coote (first name acceptable)
Witch who escorts the Dursleys to safety in the last book (last name acceptable)
Wizard Harry chases snake away from in dueling club (first name acceptable)
a type of spell with negative effects used for the amusement of observers and to the minor discomfort of the target
like gummy worms, but longer; sold at Honeydukes and on the Hogwarts Express trolley
what type of shop do the Weasley twins open?
Slug & _________ Apothecary
First witch to fly across the Atlantic on a broomstick, in 1935 (first name acceptable)
Which date did Hermione use her Revealer on in Tom Riddle's Diary? (the month cannot be a number)
This animal resembles an overgrown ferret
A small blue speckled bird that makes no noise until the moment it dies

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