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Can you name the Harry Potter things staring with 'I'?

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Author of The Dream Oracle
Unforgivable curse that allows one withch or wizard to control another
Ignotus' present?
The charm that Mrs. Weasley placed on the door to the kitchen of Grimmauld Place
A spell to light a fire
Karkaroff's given name
Bulgarian Chaser Clara's family name
Bulgarian Beater Volko's given name
Winning team at the Quidditch World Cup
Hermione used this spell agains the pixies during Lockhart's failed Defense agains the Dark Arts lesson
A jinx for combat, usually knocks back or freezes the opponent or pursuer
Hermione uses this spell to great effect on Harry's glasses during a quidditch match
This spell shoots ropes out of the end of one's wand and binds the target
The largest of all types of dragons is this Ukrainian breed
She invented Floo Powder in the 13th century. (first name is acceptable)
Found only in Britain and Ireland, this creature is often confused with pixies
The Phoenix is native to this country.
a corpse that has been enchanted to do the bidding of a dark wizard
The Banchory Bangers were apprehended over this Scottish city
charms, hexes, curses, jinxes and spells are examples of
Tom Riddle spelled this out with Harry's wand
The youngest of the three brothers of legend

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