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The owner of a sword named Ice,The high lords all thought he was nice. The king's realm he tended, Though some were offended, When Joff made him short with a slice
He's willing to pay any fee, (He comes from a rich family) He sometimes gets frumpy, But don't call him 'Grumpy'. That wouldn't be very PC.
Though not the conventional mother, Her babies would not have no other. She spends most days walking, But does much less talking, Since some nice guy killed off her brother.
From conflict this girl doesn't shrink. At murder, I don't think she'd blink. She doesn't seem mean, But looked rather keen, When she killed off a king with a drink.
When wights and white walkers attack, Courage is one thing he won't lack. He loves the night air, (Not as much as his hair) And looks awful swell wearing black.
His wit with his tongue is unmatched, As well as the plans that he's hatched. His biggest regret, Is that he couldn't get, The girl that some other guy catched.
Not like other hoi polloi, This girl favors different toys, Though not a romancer, She's quite a good dancer, Just try not to call her a boy.
Though once he was tall, brave, and strong, To say that's still true would be wrong, He never was Mad, Nor even that Bad, He just may have lived for too long.
He'll always greet you with a smile, Though knowing him may take a while, He's fond of his name, And his powerful frame, Could carry a kid for a while.
Though it seems like he can't do much harm, You'd better beware of his charms, He whispers in ears, And stirs up their fears, And as such he runs the whole farm.
He once told the Starks' mother hen, That he was not like other men. He acts like a creep, But really he's deep, Though he looks like the Barbie doll's 'Ken'.
This guy he has all the worst luck. He could have been quite the young buck. But he'll stay rather small, Cuz he had a bad fall, After seeing two Lannisters kiss.
His family rejected him twice. That's not inclined him to be nice. The reason he's mad, Is just because his dad, Requires a steep metal price.

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