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Forced Order
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power to interpret lawsbranch
defined as a body of people, living in a defined territory, organized politicallyFlorida
power held by a single personCuba
body of fundamental laws setting out the principles, structures, and processes of a governmentWe have one
a government in which the power to rule is held by a small, usually self-appointed elite
a government in which the powers of government are divided between a central government and several local governmentsWe have one
when all powers are held by a single, central agencyGreat Britain (Parliament)
economic system characterized by the private ownership of capital goods, and sucess is determined by the marketAmerican economic system
is the power to write new lawsCongress
to have supreme and absolut power with its own territoryEvery State
'the most sacred of duties of government'Thomas Jefferson
information intended to persuade people to think or act a certain waywar

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