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How much do you know about Monsta X? (includes both profile and random facts :)

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When did Monsta X debut?
What was their debut song?
What is their most recent comeback?
How many official MVs do they have?
How many members are there?
What is their fandom name?
What does the group name 'Monsta' mean? (hint hint it's French ~ kind of)
Who is the leader, main dancer and lead vocalist?
Who is a lead vocalist (and one of the many visuals lol)?
Who is a vocalist and the face of the group?
Who is the main vocalist?
Who is a vocalist, lead dancer and visual?
Who is the main rapper?
Who is a lead rapper and maknae?
Who is the mama of the group? (also my ultimate bias keke)
Which member is a former ulzzang?
Who used to model before becoming a trainee?
Who is a former JYP trainee and almost debuted with Got7?
Which member is fluent in English?
Who is deathly afraid of heights? (he had to take special medicine to calm him down for the shooting of 'Hero' on the rooftop)
In an episode of DeokspatchX where they wandered an abandoned amusement park, which member was the most frightened and they nicknamed him 'chicken man'?
Which member is the 'English interpreter' of the group (even though he can only speak like 10 words lol ~ it's not I.M)
Which member loves Barbara Palvin?
Which member is known for his 'praying mantis' dance?
Which member is known for his robot dance?
Who is the choreographer of the group?
Which member performed 'Bad Girl Good Girl' with Minhyuk of BTOB, BamBam of Got7 and Youngjae of B.A.P?
Which two members are the strongest and are often sexualized for their bodies? (lol)
Which two members make up '2 Chain'?
On Monsta X-Ray, who was the controlling step-mother?
Who was 'her' evil daughter that trashed the other sisters?
Who was the servant that the evil daughter was in love with?
Who was the servant's dog?
Who was the foreign Russian step sister that was fluent in Korean except in emergencies?
Who were the other two step sisters?
What group made a guest appearance on Monsta X-Ray? (they loved Shownu lol)
Which member doesn't like fish?
Who thinks Jooheon looks sexy when he takes his makeup off?
Which member considers himself to be 'good at being lonely'? (bb no)
Which member (revealed by Kihyun) once danced very inappropriately to hip hop in a church?
Which member essentially sold himself out and told an embarrassing story about himself in order to get out of the locked room on Monsta X-Ray?
On Monsta X-Ray, when told to take their blindfolds off, which member misheard and thought they told him to take his clothes off (and started to unzip his jacket lol)?
Which member will Wonho often complain to about being 'too handsome'?
What is Kihyun and Wonho's ship name (sorry they're my OTP I had to :)?

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