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Guess my biases based on clues :)

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#1 mama of Monsta X (my ult c:)Monsta X
#2 Thai dweebNCT
#3 MADE IN CHINAPentagon
#4 4D alienBTS
#5 kkaebsong ~EXO
#6 NCT Dream's grandpaSuper Junior
#7 Canadian, 'Lussian? No, RUSSIAN' (in a discussion with #6)Red Velvet
#8 changed his stage name to his real nameGOT7
#9 fluent in English (actual angel)Astro
#10 they always make him dance for them lol (has most angelic smile)SF9
#11 'your fingers are f-cking long'B.A.P
#12 in Descendants of The SunSHINee :( ♥

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