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Who are the two main hosts?
What record was being attempted at the family reunion?
What screening was Ian at when he became very angry?
If a movie isn't as good as Talladega Nights (none are), what do you yell?
Who did that?
Who is Yan Roberts?
Which resort is Scott sent to?
What do they tell Scott when he tries to tell them that he has already paid for the stunt drivers and cars and that there is no waste?
The child robots were basically designed by who?
Who created the 6 mile long tarp?
What was the tarp made of?
How much did the tarp cost?
The old phrase is 'three strikes you're out' but they had how many strikes?
What were 20% CGI, 40% Puppet Work, 38% Animatronics and 2% Little Person
Kids have stinkin
They didn't have to but Ian wanted elbow room so they clear cut this many acres of forest
You just said enjoy
What did they leave the native society in the forest they tore down?
Who broke Will's arm?
Dirty, filthy places like
How long did Ian and his wife hold each other?
A name like George Washington and Isaac Newtown
How many times did Ian change religions?
How many pounds did he gain?
How many pounds did he then lose?
How many times did he flat line from heart attacks?
What else happened to him?
Enlightenment in our age is not cheap because it costs money to
What was the cost of the movie technically listed as?
But any Hollywood insider knows the actual cost was?
Adam can speak freely and say?
How much was Donald Sutherland paid to act as an extra?
What did Donald Sutherland say when asked why he wasn't looking at the action?
Did Sony have to close several divisions because of this movie?
Were several lower art pictures destroyed and not released because of the movie?
At one point did they destroy an entire small rural town... by accident?
What technique did Scott employ to pay local hire for the movie?
What was on that guy's shirt in sharpie?
What did Adam think the foreigner meant in his language?
Ian agrees that art doesn't always make sense, but sometimes the people in charge (the studios) don't always understand that, so he tells them helpfully:
Which wrap party was the best?
How many urinal cakes did they make?
Who does Ian blame the miscommunication involving the family reuinion on (he uses inflammatory language to describe him)

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