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Can you name the Random 'Family Guy' cutaway gags?

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Boy band that Peter mistakes for the Children of the CornChitty Chitty Death Bang
Cereal that Peter mistakes for Alpha-Bits, leading him to see a 'message'The Son Also Draws
Goofy response Peter gave when he appeared on 'Jeopardy!'Brian, Portrait of a Dog
In the 'Logan's Run' parody, Brian suggests taking this cartoon dogBrian in Love
Dictator who Peter envisions having his own talk showDeath is a Bitch
Talk show guest who is coaxed into showing his buttDeath is a Bitch
Celebrity whose weather report turns into an angry tiradeThe King is Dead
Peter's blaxploitation film star cousinIf I'm Dyin, I'm Lyin
The name of said cousin's blaxploitation filmIf I'm Dyin, I'm Lyin
Clown who scolds his daughter for wearing too much makeupFifteen Minutes of Shame
Peter's extremely obese Star Wars-esque cousinHe's Too Sexy for His Fat
Actor who's 'in everything', including a Hollywood pornoBrian Does Hollywood
English PM that Peter unknowingly refers toOne if By Clam, Two if By Sea
Elton John song that Stewie sings to show how 'cool' he isAnd the Wiener Is...
Video game character depressed over his break-upStuck Together, Torn Apart
Item Peter found in the 'Beyond' section of Bed, Bath, and BeyondNorth by North Quahog
Actor who Peter regrets snorting coke withBreaking Out is Hard to Do
Vic Mackey's brother who's 'got a listening problem'Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story
Actress who Peter provides nighttime body heat forStewie Griffin: The Untold Story
'Jackass'-like show hosted by Peter and ClevelandPTV (deleted scene)
Peter tries the 'sick cats' variety of this body sprayBrian Goes Back to College
The book George W. Bush was reading when Brian found him in a treehouseFat Guy Strangler
Paula Abdul video Peter envisions himself inThe Father, The Son, and the Holy Fonz
What Mayor West writes down to send the 'Jeopardy!' host back to his planetI Take Thee, Quagmire
Movie that Peter watches, causing his immediate deathMother Tucker
Actor with a bizarre way of spelling out his namePeter's Two Dads
Title of Peter's made-up 80s sitcomRoad to Rupert
Co-star of said sitcomRoad to Rupert
Peter refuses this actress's sexual advancesMcStroke
Country music star that Peter tosses to in awkward situationsVarious

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