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The soul, immortal part of the being
Liberation of the soul from illusion and suffering
Phase of life where they are expected to marry, raise a family, contribute to society
Continual round of birth, death and rebirth
Social class distinction based on heredity or occupation
Epic about Prince Rama
Vedas were written by people invading India, rather than by the people already there.
Phase of life detach from worldly pursuits
Intense devotion to a personal aspect of a diety
A diety, 'Butter-thief'
Phase of life for spiritual training
The earthly incarnation of a diety
Epic, includes the Bhagvad-Gita
Enlightened Spiritual Teacher
Priestly caste
Success in worldly activities
Intellectual yoga
Creator diety
Our actions and their effects on this life and lives to come
Literary language of classic Hindu scriptures
Phase of life withdraw from society, become sannyasin
The Absolute, One divine manifested in many
Yoga instructor
Ritual worship
Moral order, righteousness, religion
Mental concentration yoga Westernized
Love, sensual pleasures and aesthetic beauty
Unselfish service yoga
Visual contact with the divine through images or gurus
Path to devotion yoga
Cylindrical stone, 'penis shaped' unmanifest of Shiva
Ancient Hindu scriptures
Existing outside of the material world
Preserving of the Supreme, reincarnating itself again and again
A diety, Destroying aspect of the Supreme
Those who worship the Mother Goddess
Adhering to the established tradition of a religion
Present in creation
The 'eternal religion'
Teachings from highly realized spiritual masters
Ancient techniques for spiritual realization

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