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Greater Vehicle, stress altruistic compassion
Suffering caused by cravings
Indian dialect, used to write down teachings of the Buddha
Orthodox school of Buddhism, small vehicle
One who attains enlightenment and renounces nirvana to help all to liberation
Our actions and their effects on this life and lives to come
Buddha, dharma, sangha
Spiritual teacher whose teachings founded Buddhism
Doctrine or law as revealed to the Buddha. Correct conduct according to level of awareness
Way to purify the mind of afflictive emoions and avoid unwholesome actions
All things have Buddha nature, only grasped when one escapes from the intellectual mind
A great teacher, rebirth of the Buddha
Life is suffering
There is a way to realize this state: The Noble Eightfold Path
The 'enlightened one' teacher and founder of Buddhism
In Theravada, the monastic community, In Mahayana the spiritual community of followers of the dharma
The principle that there is no self
Suffering will cease when cravings cease
Ultimate egoless state of bliss
Continual round of birth, death and rebirth
Collection of authorative writings also known as Tipitakas
The discourses of the teacher, in yoga these are terse sayings
Life should be lived without indulgence and without depriving yourself
Three collections of sacred writings, rules of monastic discipline, Dharma teachings, and scholastic treatises

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