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Can you name the Commander Keen 5 Creatures?

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Creature DescriptionCreature NameList of answers (NO, NOT in order)
A Gray Robot with a 'Magnetic Personality' He will charge at keen very quickly.Shikadi Master
This yellow creature spins around and launches itself at you- the single muscular had will kill Keen.Shocksund
This little robot will charge at keen at great speeds and push him away.Shikadi Mine
This creature's eyes are most of it's face. It flies around crazily, and if keen touches it's static-electric body, he'll be in for a shock.Spirogrip
Small Creatures built from electricity, they plan to destroy the Galaxy.Little Ampton
These red spikes fly around and try to crush keen against the floor.Volte-Face
Small living timebombs, that explode when keen goes too close.Sphereful
Creature DescriptionCreature NameList of answers (NO, NOT in order)
A crystalline snowflake star that can cut through anything like a diamond- even space adventurers.Robo Red
A huge robot, equipped for combat. He can guard keen, but he'll also shoot at any noise...Spindred
A dangerous thing filled with plasma that floats aroundShikadi
Similar to a shikadi, but it has 3 legs and barks a lot.Shelley
Floats around and will follow keen anywhere until it explodes, hurting its target.Golplat
Even more powerful, and will shoot electric plasma at keen.Sparky
Inhabiting Korath III, these little scottsmen run around, pushing keen as they play their bagpipes.Slicestar

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