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Can you name the following things about Id Software's 'Commander Keen'?

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Name of First Trilogy-
Name of Second Trilogy-
Name of First Episode-
Name of Second Episode-
Name of Third Episode-
Name of 'The Lost Episode'AKA 'Keen 7', Stand alone episode
Name of Fourth Episode-
Name of Fifth Episode-
Name of Sixth EpisodeStand Alone Episode
Commander Keen's WeaponThe One HE invented
Commander Keen's Ship-
Where does Keen 1 take Place?-
Where does Keen 2 take Place?-
Where does Keen 3 take Place?-
Where does Keen 4 take Place?The Planet OR the Region of the planet
Where does Keen 5 take Place?-
Where does Keen 6 take Place?-
Where Does The Lost Episode Take Place?-
ClueAnswerOther Info
What is Commander Keen's Real Name?-
What Football Team's helmet does Commander Keen wear?-
Who is Commander Keen's Babysitter?-
Who is Commander Keen's Nemesis?-
What is Commander Keen's IQ?-
What is Commander Keen's Nemesis' IQ?-
Who is the Final Boss of The Lost Episode?-
What Race of Creatures Captures Keen's Babysitter?-
What Race created the Omegamatic?-
What is the Name of Commander Keen's Pet Yorp?-
What is the Name of the Language in which the game's signs are written?-
What System was a Portable version of Commander Keen made?-
What Famous Commander Keen 4 Enemy has made cameos in many other games?-
What Object does Keen find on Mars, to be used in nearly every game afterwards?-
Who Composed the Music for the Keen games?-
Who Programmed the Commander Keen Games?-
Who Was Keen's Creator?-

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