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Can you name the facts (every one of them) about the Legendary Pokemon Arceus?

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Generation that it was introduced:Just type the number of the generation of your answer.
Species.Pokemon spieces (i.e., ________ Pokemon)
Type (without items attatched)Pokemon type (i.e., fire, water, etc.)
Item that changes Arceus' TypeName of Item.
In-Game Location (D/P/Pt versions)Name of Location
Item required to catch (without cheating)Name of item.
National Pokedex Number:-
Native Region:(Pokemon world region)
Starring Movie:Title of movie.
Ability(In Game pokemon ability)
Tier (competitive pokemon ability tier, i.e., Never-used, Borderline, Over-used, Uber, etc...)I don't expect you to know this unless you know a LOT about pokemon!!!
Main Body Color (normal coloration)-
Main Body Color (Alternate/'shiny' coloration)-
Starring TCG Expansion:-
True Or False: Arceus can learn every Generation 4 HM.Answer = 'True' or 'False'
Level when encountered in the wild.Only when encountered in the hall of origin.
True Or False: Arceus has its own unique music when battled.Answer = 'True' or 'False'
Signature Move:No other Pokemon can learn it.
True Or False: Arceus can learn every Generation 4 TM.Answer = 'True' or 'False'
True Or False: Arceus has a different pokedex description in each of the Generation 4 games.-
Height (in Customary [US] measurements, not metric]: Type in this form: ## F ## I
Weight (In Customary [US] measurements, not metric]:Just type the number, in decimal form.

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