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Forced Order
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Fleet of more than 130 vessels sent by Philip who lost to Elizabeth's forces in the English Channel
A result of substantial population growth, import of large amounts of silver from the New World, and high inflation rates
Celebrated Chinese naval commander, led expeditions from 1405 to 1433
An exchange of plants, animals, and disease during the Age of Discovery
Written by de Oviedo in 1547, was a detailed account of plants, animals, and peoples
Spanish conquistador, landed on the northern coast of Peru and started decades of violence with the Inca
Crop native to the South Pacific
A small, light, three-masted sailing ship developed by the Portuguese
Successor to Keita as ruler of Mali, led the celebrated pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324
Island in South China Sea, 15th Century Port
Spanish adventurer, conquered the Axtec
Largest city in Europe and the Middle East during the mid-fifteenth century, capital of Ottoman Empire
Creator God of the Inca
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Places to which goods were shipped for temporary storage
System in which the Spanish Crown granted conquerors the right to employ groups of Amerindians as agricultural or mining laborers or as tribute payers
Type of European luxury trade controlled by the Ottoman in the eastern Mediterranean, the Portuguese, and the Dutch
Capital of the Aztec Empire
Order by Pope Alexander VI which split South America down the middle and gave everything west of it to Spain, and everything east of it to Portugal
Portuguese mariner, commissioned by Spain, first expedition to circumnavigate the globe
Portuguese explorer, first reach India via sailing around the Cape of Good Hope
Orders which named Columbus viceroy over any territory he might discover and gave him one-tenth of the material rewards
A geographical work written in the second century A.D. which introduced the ideas of latitude and longitude
School of thought founded on doubt that total certainty or definitive knowledge is ever attainable.
Genoese mariner, first European to discover the Americas
Portuguese monarch, strong financial and moral supporter of Portugal's economic endeavors

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