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Forced Order
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What was the Kinect highlight of E3 2010?
What game did Peter Molyneux first develop?
What flop featured the female equivalent of Kratos on the PS3?
What game was Devil May Cry 3 originally supposed to be?
When did Activision acquire Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.?
Who is Chell modeled after?
Where is EPIC Games located?
Who is Agent 47 based on?
What was the last company to enter the console wars?
What is the second best selling console?
How many games have Sid Meier in the title?
Who is the mathematically strongest video game character in existence? (as of 2012)
What fifth generation console had the lowest number of U.S. launch titles?
What game did Hironobu Sakaguchi develop after a tragic death?
What female character caused controversy over her marketing apperance?
What year did League of Legends enter the MLG pro circuit?
What famous duo are now in intellectual property limbo due to a Microsoft acquisition?
What did Nintendo originally sell?
Where is ValvE located?
What year was Call of Duty released?
Where did Team Sonic go wrong?
What is the name of the open source console?
What was the infamous adult Atari 2600 video game?
What is the first console released?
What is the least popular seventh generation console in the Eastern region?

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