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Ribosomes generate (carbohydrates/lipids/proteins/nucleic acids).
This type of electron microscopy has electrons shoot through a slice of the sample being examined.
The _______ ____ _______ regulates what should enter the nuclear pore.
This type of electron microscopy involves having the specimen get covered in gold while electrons bounce off the coating.
The discovery of the ____ is credited to Anton van Leeuwekhoel, as he discovered it in 1676.
There are __ pairs of chromosomes in humans.
Nucleic acid bonds formed by dehydration reactions are called ______________ bonds.
______________ is the process by which out of focus light is removed.
Eukaryotes do not have membrane bound organelles. (TRUE/FALSE)
Eukaryotes tend to be much (smaller/larger) than Prokaryotes
The sample must be dead in order to perform electron microscopy. (TRUE/FALSE)
Smaller organelles require a (higher/lower) amount of RPM than larger organelles to pellet during cell fractionation.
RNA has two strands forming a double helix. (TRUE/FALSE)
In RNA, adenine binds with (thymine/uracil).
The nucleomatrix and the nuclear ______ help maintain the shape of the nucleus.
The cell membrane consists of a ____________ ________ (abbreviated PB) that is selectively permeable.
The double membrane around the nucleus is referred to as this.
Robert Hooke is notable for first observing this cell structure in 1665.
Which of these does a Prokaryote not contain?: Ribosomes, Nucleus, DNA, Plasma Membrane

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